IADC WellSharp Well Servicing Wireline
The IADC WellSharp Well Servicing Wireline course is essential training for those primarily responsible for wireline operational processes of well control.

Designed For:
The course has been designed for wireline personnel including Field Engineers, Senior Field Engineers, and Supervisors (Cased Hole/Open Hole/Pip Recovery/Production Logging/TCP).

Course Delivery:
The course duration is 32 classroom hours plus an IADC assessment (4 days of training and an exam on day 5). Training is delivered through presentation of a series of interactive lectures supported by videos and animations, supplemented by a classroom workbook and further self-study exercises.

The 5-day course ends with a 3.5-hour online assessment on the final day which will be administered by IADC and invigilated by an independent proctor.

Key Information

Accrediting Body: IADC

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Validity: 2 years

Venue: Cilegon, Jakarta, Bandung, In-House

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Perform static and dynamic pressure calculations across a range of wellbore and formation conditions
  • Calculate volumes and capacities for a range of drilling and tripping operations and calculate the effects on bottom-hole pressure during these operations
  • Explain the effects of gas migration on wellbore pressures
  • Describe the causes of kicks for on-bottom and off-bottom conditions
  • Explain the procedures for shutting in a well for a range of operations
  • Complete a kill sheet for vertical and deviated wells
  • Specify the well control equipment requirements for surface and subsea operations
  • Describe the principles underpinning the constant bottom hole pressure methods of well kill
  • Using a simulator, identify a kick and shut a well in
The course includes but is not limited to the following modules:
  • Risk Awareness & Management
  • Well Control Principles & Calculations
  • Barriers and Barrier Management
  • Influx Fundamentals
  • Gas Characteristics and Behaviour
  • Completion and Workover Fluids
  • General Overview of Surface and Subsurface Wellbore Equipment
  • Procedures
  • Reasons for Wireline Operations
  • Surface Equipment
  • Subsurface Equipment
  • Wireline Pressure Control Equipment
  • Special Situations such as blockages and trapped pressure, the effects of hydrates while circulating, rig-up complications, fishing wireline
  • Organising a Well Control Operation
  • Pressure Testing and Testing of Completion Equipment
  • Government, Industry, and Company Rules, Orders and Policies
  • Ancillary Considerations
Prior IWCF or IADC certification is recommended but not mandatory. The training is role-specific so previous experience in wireline operations is assumed. Please contact us to discuss candidate suitability if you have any doubts or queries.

Successful completion of the course and a pass mark of 70% in the online written assessment will result in IADC WellSharp certification which is valid for two years.

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