Fall Protection Awareness (OSHA)
Course Information
During this course, you will learn about the goals and purpose of fall protection, including different types of falls, job safety analysis and the hierarchy of hazard controls. 

Course Objectives:
  • LO1: Describe the goals and purpose of fall protection
  • LO2: Identify different types of falls
  • LO3: Describe the Job Safety Analysis and Hierarchy of Hazard Control
  • LO4: Identify different types of passive fall protection
  • LO5: Explain fall clearance and arresting force
  • LO6: Explain the purpose of Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • LO7: Identify the components of Active Fall Protection Systems
  • LO8: Describe the purpose of deceleration devices and connectors
  • LO9: Explain how to determine fall clearance and the drop zone
  • LO10: Describe how to inspect and maintain fall protection equipment
  • LO11: Outline the goals of a fall rescue plan

Key Information

Accrediting Body: RelyOnNutec

Course Duration: 32 minutes

Knowledge Check: 10 questions

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