Course Information
Excavations can be very dangerous places for personnel in and around the work- site. This course shows candidates how to spot the dangers associated with excavations and what controls are necessary to prevent injury.

Learning Objectives:
  • LO1: Define what an excavation is
  • LO2: Identify the need for an excavation procedure
  • LO3: Identify the roles and responsibilities associated with excavations
  • LO4: Describe the hazards associated with excavations
  • LO5: Describe how to plan an excavation
  • LO6: Identify what PPE is required
  • LO7: Identify and describe excavation support systems
  • LO8: Describe the emergency response arrangements
  • LO9: Identify the safety checks required before work can begin within the excavation
  • LO10: Identify safety requirements during excavations
  • LO11: Describe how to carry out an excavation
  • LO12: Describe the backfilling procedure

Key Information

Accrediting Body: RelyOnNutec

Course Duration: 60 minutes

Knowledge Check: 20 questions

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