Class 2 Overhead Crane Operator (Operator Overhead Crane Kelas II)
Crane Operator Training is a vital adherence to regulations and laws, providing a structured framework for skill acquisition and worker protection. By complying with these regulations, workers not only develop proficiency as operators but also benefit from enhanced safety measures. This systematic approach ensures the creation of a secure work environment conducive to effective operations in the field.

This Class 2 certification is for Overhead Crane operations rated between 25 & 100 tons.

General Course Objectives:
The objectives of the Class II Overhead Crane Operator (25 - 100 Tons) are that delegates will be able to:
  • Increase knowledge and skills in operating cranes so that operators will be responsible and more disciplined.
  • Understand and comprehend occupational safety & health (K3) requirements in operating cranes more efficiently, productively and safely.
  • Control hazards so that the causes of accidents occur by recognizing and evaluating sources of danger that may be present in the workplace.

Key Information

Accrediting Body: Kemnaker

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Validity: 3 Years

Course Method: blended (3-days online, 1-day practical), full offline

Course Venue: Public class, In-House

Course Content:
  • K3 policies and basics
  • Law No.01 of 1970
  • Minister of Manpower Regulation No.05/MEN/ 1985
  • Minister of Manpower Regulation No.09 /MEN/ 2010
  • Basic Crane Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of motor drives
  • Basic knowledge of electricity
  • Work safety devices (safety devices)
  • Steel wire rope
  • Lifting and tying aids
  • Causes of accidents and their handling
  • Calculate the weight of the load
  • Safe operation
  • Daily maintenance and inspection
  • Theory test
  • Practical
  • Minimum of high school diploma.
  • 3 years minimum experience assisting with crane operations.
  • 3x photo (2x3 & 4x6) on red background.
  • Valid Medical Certificate from Doctor/Clinic.
  • Letter of employment from current employer.
  • Copy of ID card.
  • Laptop or Android cell phone with a stable internet connection (applicable for blended method only)
  • Integrity Pact
All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive
  • A training provider certificate Class II Overhead Crane Operator.
  • Certificate and License/SIO from Kemenakertrans RI.
  • A laminated wallet course qualification card.
Investment Cost:
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