Level 3 Award in Productivity Improvement Practice
All successful businesses understand the strategic importance of productivity in the workplace. Being productive can help any company improve its performance and better utilise its human resources. A common trait of most productive businesses is happy and healthy workers. This has the follow-on effect of translating into good customer service and interaction which in-turn can lead to improved sales.

Delivered in conjunction with the University of Applied Research and Development (UARD), this qualification offers the opportunity for learners to develop and demonstrate an understanding of the concept of productivity, its importance and its application for productivity improvement.

The qualification will support learners in their workplaces and prepare them to progress to higher level productivity qualifications. It will also enhance employability for students in education.

Target Audience:
This qualification is suited for:
  • Managers who have the responsibility for increasing productivity in their departments;
  • Students in education who wish to develop and understanding of the concept of productivity and its application in the workplace
  • The qualification also provides students with the option of developing their communication skills and enhancing their employability by acting as productivity ambassadors.

Key Information

Accrediting Body: NOCN

Course Code:603/2856/3

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Venue: Jakarta

Entry Requirements:
  • There are no formal entry requirements for learners undertaking this qualification.
  • Learners must be in a position to demonstrate the requirements of the qualification and have access to required assessment opportunities and relevant resources. Please refer to specific assessment requirements on individual components for more information.
  • Samson Tiara and NOCN may undertake initial assessment activities with learners to ensure this is an appropriate qualification and that they are capable of achieving the level they will be studying before enrolling them onto a programme of learning.
  • This qualification is available to learners aged 18 years or over.
Learning Outcomes & Assessment Criteria:
  • By the end of this course, successful learners will:
    1. Understand the basic concept of continuous productivity improvement.
    2. Understand the importance of analysing performance data to identify areas for improvement.
    3. Be able to select and use a variety of productivity improvement tools and techniques.
    4. Be able to measure and evaluate human work.
  • To ensure the outcomes are met, the learner will be assessed to ensure that they can:
    • Describe the basic philosophy and approach of continuous productivity improvement.
    • Distinguish between productivity inputs and outputs, and how they are measured.
    • Distinguish between value added and non-value added activities and their causes.
    • Describe the benefits of productivity improvement.
    • Identify the conditions for successful productivity improvement initiatives.

    • Explain the need for performance measurement at different levels of an organisation.
    • Identify appropriate performance (success) targets for a range of productivity improvement programmes.
    • Describe general types of monitoring and review processes for productivity improvement projects.

    • Use appropriate tools to identify the root causes of productivity problems and to identify and measure the status quo or ‘base case’ of a business process.
    • Identify tools and techniques to use at various stages of a productivity improvement project.
    • Apply appropriate tools and techniques to record, analyse and improve business activities and processes.

    • Describe the concept of activity sampling and the selection of a particular sampling frequency and sample size.
    • Calculate a standard time for a task.
    • Explain the rest and recovery allowances that should be applied to specific activities.
    • Explain the difference between effectiveness and efficiency and their possible combinations.
About NOCN

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Prerequisites: See "Entry Requirements”

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