Basic Introduction to Drones: Flight Training & Best Practice
Thanks to continual improvements in technology over the past 10 years, the popularity of Drones has grown in leaps and bounds. While hobbyist and enthusiast Drone consumers have helped spur the development of much of the technology enjoyed today, it is industry that has reaped much of the benefits of the new technologies.

Industries around the world, from farming to petrochemical and construction through to power generation, have all found new and innovative ways to utilize the power of Drones to save time, increase safety and productivity and to solve decades old problems and difficulties.

However, high-tech industrial Drones are not cheap toys. The purchase of these sophisticated pieces of equipment are still a significant investment for many companies and, due to their operational nature, if improperly handled they pose a risk of both damage to both people and property, not to mention potential loss of the Drone itself.

This course is designed to give industrial operators a basic understanding of the technology, risks, safety procedures, best practice and basic operation and flight of modern industrial Drones.

General Course Objectives:
Students will be assessed on their understanding of the principles taught and basic flight skills. Students who pass the course will be deemed competent for basic flight operations.

Key Information

Accrediting Body: Samson Tiara

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Validity: 3 Years

Course Venue: Cilegon

Course Content:
  • Professional Standards of the Drone Industry
  • Critical Components & Technology
  • Common Drones for Industry
  • Basic Safety Practices
    • Flight Planning & Risk Mitigation
    • Pre-Flight Checklist
    • Post-Flight Checklist
    • Emergency Functions & Scenarios
    • Battery Management & Maintenance Recording
  • Basic Flight Training
    • Taking Off and Landing, Basic Movements
    • Introductory Drone Functions, Calibration and Common Checks
    • Flight Exercises
    • Emergencies & Procedures.
All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive
  • A PT Samson Tiara & Halo Robotics certificate for Basic Introduction to Drones: Flight Training & Best Practice
Investment Cost Includes:
  • Transportation to & from our pick up point in Jakarta and training center
  • Course Materials & Handouts
  • Usage of all required training equipment including:
    • Drone & Associated Equipment
    • Safety glasses and helmet
Investment Cost:
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Corresponding Refreshers:

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