Incident Management Team - Incident Controller
The course is designed for personnel who are part of the Incident Management Team and for those who fill the Incident Controller role, whose responsibilities include the management of and responding to an emergency incident and is based on the principles of the Incident Command System (ICS). The course provides delegates with formal training in the strategy, tactics, command and control, communications and coordination elements used in the management of major emergencies.

The IC will be supported by an ‘Incident Management Team’ (IMT), and the course is also designed for personnel who form part of that team who might be expected to take over the IC role in the event of unexpected absence or sickness, such as:
  • Operations Officer
  • Planning Officer
  • Logistics Officer
This programme also provides Emergency Management training for personnel who are undertaking a training and competence programme to progress to the role of Incident Controller.

General Course Objectives:
The aims and objectives of Incident Controller Training are that, on completion of the course, in acting in the role of Incident Controller (IC) the delegates will be able to:
  • Recall the key elements of the management of emergencies:
    • Different Levels of incidents and their particular key factors.
    • The duties and responsibilities of the IMT members.
    • ECC Facilities and information management.
    • Preplanning and maintaining a state of readiness
    • Establishing and maintaining communications with internal and external agencies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess the situation and take effective action.
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain communications with internal and external agencies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to delegate the authority to act.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage individual and team performance.
They will also be able to put into place predetermined plans during the Activation Phase (when the emergency alarm has been raised), through to the Deactivation Phase/Stand Down in the role of the Incident Controller in a number of specific types of emergency scenarios.

Key Information

Accrediting Body: TEEX

Course Duration: 3 Days

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Course Venue:

  • Cilegon
  • On-site

Course Modules:
  • Module 1: Theory of Major Emergency Management
    • Element 1.1 - Major Emergencies and How to Apply the ICS Principles
    • Element 1.2 - The Incident Controller and Other IMT Members
    • Element 1.3 - The Emergency Command Centre Facilities & Information Management
    • Element 1.4 - Pre-Planning and Maintaining a State of Readiness
    • Element 1.5 - Establishing & Maintaining Communications
  • Module 2: Practical Elements of Major Emergency Management
    • Element 2.1 - Maintaining a State of Readiness
    • Element 2.2 - Assessing the Situation and Taking Effective Action
    • Element 2.3 - Maintaining Communications
    • Element 2.4 - Delegating the Authority to Act
    • Element 2.5 - Managing Individual and Team Performance
Delegates will participate in a minimum of two scenario simulations acting as part of the Incident Management Team and will be appraised by direct observation of their performance as Incident Controller in at least one of the scenario simulations. On completion of the course delegates will receive both a TEEX and PT Samson Tiara / Managed Emergency Response Service Centre approved Incident Management Team Incident Controller Training certificate.

This program requires that attendees nominated for Incident Management Team Incident Controller training should have a sound background of what is required to support site emergency management and response. This can be in the form of professional experience in that position or by having a good understanding of company expectations in emergency response.

Course Duration
The course is designed to be conducted over a three-day period at PT Samson Tiara or the Managed Emergency Response Service Centre, in a purpose-built Emergency Command Centre (ECC) or in an Organization’s own facilities. The Course can be tailored to the clients operations and the clients Company Emergency Response Procedures and Incident Action Plans.

Delegate Numbers
The course is run for a total of ten delegates, with the proposed IC delegates being appraised.

Method of Training
This training is initially delivered in a classroom environment and consists of one day of interactive theory, which includes using table-top discussions of some of the generic emergency scenarios, followed by one day of practical role play scenarios. Post-exercise debriefs and a critique will be held where an appraiser will provide formal, documented, feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and team performances.

Each delegate will conduct at least one scenario in which their performance as Incident Controller will be formally appraised.

Certification Validity
It is a mandatory requirement that personnel must requalify and attend refresher training if they leave the organisation they were with when they last qualified and have transferred to another organization where they will be part of the organizations Emergency Response Structure and Level 2/3 Incident Response Organization within the Incident Management Team in the Incident Controller role.

Once qualified, there is no requirement for personnel to refresh or requalify if they remain with the same organisation but it is expected that these personnel will participate in drills, exercises or ‘mobilization’ at least annually and continue to act in the Incident Controller or Duty Manager role.
Refresher training will cover the Module-2 content only.
  • Royale Krakatau (4-star Hotel):
    • Deluxe: IDR 990,000/night/person
    • Deluxe Twin Share: IDR 1,375,000 /night/2 person
  • Emerald by Royale Krakatau (3-star Hotel)
    • Single: IDR 638,000 /night/person
    • Twin Share: IDR 825,000 /night/2 person
  • AMARIS Hotel (3-star Hotel)
    • Single: IDR 638,000 /night/person
    • Twin Share: IDR 803,000 /night/2 person
  • Forbis Hotel (4-star Hotel)
    • Deluxe: IDR 963,000/night/person
    • Deluxe Twin Share: IDR 1,166,000 /night/2 person

  • All prices include breakfast, dinner & one (1) set of laundry (3 pieces) per registered occupant and exclude 11% vat.
All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive
  • A PT Samson Tiara certificate for Incident Management Team - Incident Controller
  • A Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) certificate for Incident Management Team - Incident Controller
  • A laminated wallet course qualification card.
Investment Cost Includes:
  • Transportation to & from our pick up point in Jakarta and training center
  • Transportation between the training center and hotel,
  • Student workbook
  • Usage of all required training equipment& PPE including:
    • Coveralls
    • Safety shoes, glasses and helmet
    • Shower kit (towel, soap & shampoo)
  • Certificate/ID card
  • Lunch
Investment Cost:
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