Introduction to First Aid
Course Information
The aim of this course is to provide the delegate with an awareness of key first aid basics. You will learn about the associated legislation, human anatomy, how to manage a first aid incident and lifesaving using primary and secondary survey methods.

The course is available in the following languages: English; Indonesian; Bahasa Malay; Thai; Turkish.

Learning Objectives:
  • LO1: Explain different Basic Life Support guidelines
  • LO2: Explain the relevant national and global legislation
  • LO3: Explain the normal life conditions for the human body
  • LO4: Explain the vital systems of the human body
  • LO5: Explain safety in an emergency situation
  • LO6: Explain how to manage an incident
  • LO7: Explain the ‘C’-A-B-C Principle
  • LO8: Explain haemostasis of critical/catastrophic external haemorrhage
  • LO9: Explain first aid for obstruction of airways
  • LO10: Explain first aid for an unresponsive casualty
  • LO11: Explain the theory and practice of AEDs
  • LO12: Explain first aid for external and internal bleeding
  • LO13: Explain shock
  • LO14: Explain secondary survey
  • LO15: Explain different incident types
  • LO16: Explain minor to serious incidents
  • LO17: Explain psychological First Aid

Key Information

Accrediting Body: RelyOn Nutec

Course Duration: 45 minutes

Knowledge Check: Exam

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