Samson Tiara

Samson Tiara specializes in providing a range of client focused safety training courses to the offshore oil and gas, maritime, underwater, construction, mining, aviation, and general hazardous industries.

We have held OPITO accreditation for a variety of courses since 2004

Our VISION is to create centers of excellence for safety training.

Our MISSION is to provide the industry in Indonesia with the most effective, realistic and "state of the art" training available, thereby enhancing safety awareness in the workplace and making a positive contribution to the lives of our training participants and customers.


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Samson Tiara has never appointed, nor do we recognize, any booking agents claiming to operate on our behalf. If you are a being asked to book and / or pay through a third party on our behalf to conduct training with us then please feel free to contact us directly if you have any concerns. We do not require any trainee be employed or represented by a company to book training. A large portion of our trainees book directly with us for their safety and survival training needs.

Upcoming Courses

BOSIET Digital Delivery - Code 5703
01-Apr-2023 - 01-Apr-2023

Initial Travel Safely by Boat - Code 5605
01-Apr-2023 - 01-Apr-2023

HUET - Code 5095
03-Apr-2023 - 03-Apr-2023

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