Workplace Safety Training

Work Place Safety Training

Accidents in the workplace can have devastating effects, from serious injury to employees, damage or total loss of equipment, and lost productivity and earning potential.

Workplace Safety Training is one of the most important ways companies can minimise the risk of workplace accidents. Training employees about workplace safety, how to identify hazards, how to mitigate hazards, and how to react and respond in case of an accident can greatly reduce both the risk of accidents occurring and their potential severity.

Samson Tiara provides a range of safety courses to help improve the competency and safety awareness of your workforce. Most of our courses can be delivered in your own workplace in surroundings your workforce are familiar with or at our award winning training centre. To further aid our customers during the COVID-19 period we can also deliver the theoretical elements of most courses online to minimise face-to-face contact. Continue reading “Workplace Safety Training”


The ROI of Safety

Source: Health & Safety Magazine

While these numbers are based on US research, the cost of injury to workers is still a major concern for most employers the world over. Competency based safety training that addresses common risks in your workplace should always be a high priority.

Samson Tiara is always here to assist in keeping your workforce safe and injury free. Feel free to contact our marketing staff at for more information.


Stuck Pipe Prevention Training in Focus

Are we preventing incidents or reacting to them? In the ongoing battle for reducing stuck pipe events, a shift in focus is needed.

The Issue

With over thirty years of experience in supplying specialist training to the oil and gas industry, Aberdeen Drilling School has become accustomed to the changing needs of its clients. Training objectives move with the times, as should the training, but the requests for “stuck pipe prevention training including fishing techniques” remain a constant.

Statistics backed by conversations with our clients indicate that stuck pipe is by far the greatest cause of lost time during drilling operations.  Feedback from Operators suggests that the right type of training, focusing on the causes of stuck pipe and the importance communication can significantly reduce the incidence.  Industry professionals will agree that addressing the root cause of a problem is an effective long-term strategy for success. If we know this to be true, why then is the incidence of stuck pipe on the rise? Continue reading “Stuck Pipe Prevention Training in Focus”


Aberdeen Drilling School and Samson Tiara Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Key IADC and IWCF Training in Indonesia

Aberdeen, UK and Jakarta, Indonesia – September 4, 2018

Aberdeen Drilling School, a global leader in technical skills training for the oil & gas industry and Samson Tiara, Indonesia’s leading oil & gas safety training provider, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver a range of Aberdeen Drilling School’s specialist courses to Indonesia’s ever expanding oil & gas industry.

The training solutions provided by Aberdeen Drilling School and its global branches, trading as Aberdeen Drilling International, are recognised worldwide for their exceptional quality. Specialist courses include Stuck Pipe Prevention, High Pressure High Temperature Drilling Operations, Well Engineering for Onshore, Offshore and Deepwater Operations, as well as certified IADC and IWCF Well Control training. These courses will further support Samson Tiara in their commitment to improving the safety of the oil & gas industry in Asia’s third largest oil producing nation.

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Samson Tiara Approved to Deliver Control Room Operator Emergency Response Assessment

In another first for Indonesia, on Friday 29th September 2017, Samson Tiara, in conjunction with Wild Geese Group from Malaysia, received OPITO approval to deliver the Control Room Operator (CRO) Emergency Response Assessment course.

With this approval, Samson Tiara and Wild Geese Group become the first in the world to offer the full suite of OPITO Emergency Management Training and Assessment programs for Industry which include:

Members of the First CRO course and Audit team.

  • OPITO Offshore Installation Manager – Controlling Emergencies (OIM-CE)
  • OPITO Major Emergency Management – Initial Response (MEM-IR)
  • OPITO Plant Manager / Incident Commander – Initial Response (PMIC-IR)
  • OPITO Control Room Operator Emergency Response – (CRO)

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