Safety In Confined Space

A confined space is typically defined as a space that is not designed for continuous occupancy and is difficult to enter and exit. They are typically small, enclosed areas with limited ventilation, making them hazardous to workers. Some examples of confined spaces include tanks, pits, chimneys, silos, underground sewers, pipelines, tunnels, wells, and storage bins. Confined spaces may have only one entry or exit point and may pose numerous risks to people working in these environments.

It is of vital importance that those working in confined space environments have a thorough understanding of the associated hazards and safety measures to mitigate those hazards. Continue reading “Safety In Confined Space”


The Importance of Hand Safety

The human hands are an exceptional feat of engineering. Made up of complex interactions between bones, muscles and ligaments, they are our most important tools for interacting with the world around us. Our hands are in constant use, involved in almost every task we do on a daily basis, often without even thinking about it, making our hands very vulnerable to injury.

Even minor injuries to our hands can have a disproportionate impact when compared to minor injuries to another part of our body, because our hands are always in use. Consider a simple cut to the index finger vs a cut to your arm. Both will hurt, with a cut to the arm, you will bandage it and likely forget about it. A cut to the finger, however, will cause frequent discomfort as you carry out your tasks; Washing your hands, typing an email, preparing a meal, all basic things you do daily but you will be constantly reminded of the injury due to pain, discomfort or reduced mobility due to the wound.

Due to the importance of our hands in our day to day lives, it is important that we do everything we can to protect them from injury, especially in the workplace. Continue reading “The Importance of Hand Safety”


10 Tips Agar Dapur Aman Dari Kebakaran

Rumah Anda adalah tempat perlindungan Anda; di mana keluarga Anda tinggal, tempat Anda untuk melakukan banyak kegiatan dari hobi Anda dan mengistirahatkan tubuh dan jiwa Anda setelah bekerja sepanjang hari di kantor. Tetapi mungkin tempat perlindungan Anda ini tidak sepenuhnya aman. Salah satu risiko terbesar bagi keselamatan di rumah adalah terjadinya kebakaran dan hampir 60% kebakaran di rumah dimulai dari dapur. Api kecil dari lemak saat Anda memasak dapat menjadi besar dan membakar seluruh rumah Anda jika tidak ditangani dengan benar. Oleh karena itu, penting untuk memperhatikan bagaimana Anda mengelola dapur Anda. 10 buah tips disini dapat membantu Anda untuk tetap berada pada keadaan yang aman.

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10 Tips for a Fire Safe Kitchen

Your home is your sanctuary; it’s where your family is, where you carry out many of your hobbies and where you rest your body and soul after a long day at work. But while it may be a sanctuary, this does not mean it is completely safe. One of the biggest risks to safety in the home is fire and almost 60% of fires in the home begin in the kitchen. A simple grease fire while cooking can grow exponentially and engulf your entire home if not handled correctly. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how you carry out tasks in the kitchen and Samson Tiara is happy to share these 10 tips are here to help keep you safe.

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The Importance of Hearing Protection


The world in which we live is becoming an increasingly noisy one, particularly in developing countries where rapid population growth and heavy industrialisation is leading to an increase in daily noise levels. This increase in noise levels may seem to some as just an accepted part of life, but unfortunately these increases, particularly in the average working environment, can lead to lasting health issues.

According to the HCN (1999) and as cited by the WHO (2004), high levels of noise can have a number of impact on the health and general wellbeing of individuals with annoyance, hypertension and hearing loss being the effects most studied.

This article will focus primarily on hearing loss as caused by long term exposure to noise in the workplace, the impacts that hearing loss can have on daily life and the measures and equipment that can be employed to minimise its occurrence. Continue reading “The Importance of Hearing Protection”


Save Your Spine: 8 Tips for Lifting Heavy Loads Safely

Improper lifting techniques are a common cause of back pain and back injuries. Once injured, recovery tends to be a long and often expensive process. According to Injury Facts 2015, back injuries accounted for 177,580 of the 905,690 injuries reported in the private sector, with over exertion and cumulative trauma being the biggest factors leading to injury. 20% of all work injuries in warehouses involve problems with the back even though the proper techniques are always clearly instructed.

It is important to remember that a lifting injury can happen at any time, not just at work but also at school, home, or even in public spaces. So please remember to look for any potential hazards when lifting. Asses the weight of the object, test the load by pushing on it lightly with your hands or feet. How easy it moves tells you how heavy it is, so you could decide to lift it manually or with some form of lifting aid. Do not try to carry a big load alone; always ask for help.

Here are some quick tips on how to do manual lifting safely:

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7 Tips untuk Bekerja secara Aman dengan Tangga

7 Tips For Working Safely With Ladders

Bekerja di ketinggian bisa berbahaya atau, dalam kasus terburuk, bahkan mematikan. Menurut Administrasi Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (OSHA –  Occupational Safety and Health Administration), pekerja yang bekerja pada ketinggian 2 meter atau lebih di atas tanah berisiko tinggi untuk cedera serius atau kematian jika mereka jatuh. Berdasarkan Laporan WHO pada tahun 2016, jatuh dari ketinggian adalah penyebab utama dari kecelakaan & kematian yang tidak disengaja & kematian di seluruh dunia. Studi ini menyoroti bahwa sekitar 20% dari cedera yang disebabkan karena jatuh di antara para pekerja konstruksi melibatkan tangga dan setengah dari kecelakaan itu disebabkan oleh orang yang membawa barang saat mereka menaiki tangga.

Banyak orang mungkin tidak menganggap keselamatan pada tangga sebagai masalah utama, tetapi statistik jelas menunjukkan bahwa siapa pun yang bekerja dengan tangga harus mempertimbangkan aspek keselamatan penting yang dapat menyelamatkan mereka dari cedera atau kematian. Tangga tersedia dalam berbagai bentuk, ukuran, dan bahan. Ada tangga kayu portabel dan tangga logam, juga tangga untuk 2 orang, dan banyak lagi. Setiap jenis tangga memiliki kekuatan dan kelemahannya sendiri sehingga masing-masing tangga memiliki penilaian risiko dan panduan keselamatan yang berbeda. Namun, hal yang paling penting untuk dipahami tentang bekerja dengan tangga adalah ketika Anda bisa menggunakannya; dimana pekerjaannya ringan dan pendek, memerlukan tidak lebih dari 30 menit dalam satu posisi.

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7 Tips for Working Safely With Ladders

7 Tips For Working Safely With Ladders

Working at height can be dangerous or, in the worst case, even deadly. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), workers who are six feet or more above the ground are at high risk for serious injury or death if they fall. Based on a WHO Report in 2016, falls from height are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury & deaths worldwide. The study highlighted that approximately 20% of fall related injuries among construction workers involved a ladder and half of those accidents were due to people carrying items as they climbed.

Many people may not consider ladder safety to be a major issue, but the statistics clearly show that anyone working with a latter should consider the important safety aspects that may save them from injury or death. Ladders come in variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. There are portable wood ladders and metal ladders, also platform ladders, Trestle ladders, and many more. Each type of ladder has its own strengths and weaknesses and thus each may have different risk assessments and safety guidance. However, the most important thing to understand about working with a ladder is when you can use it; which is where the work is light and short, entailing no more than 30 minutes in one position. Continue reading “7 Tips for Working Safely With Ladders”