PT. Samson Tiara Receive Approval From Atlas for IMIST Online Training in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – Samson Tiara , the leading provider of safety training services in Indonesia, has announced today that it has received approval from Atlas , international learning and skills specialist, to provide the OPITO International Minimum Industry Safety Training (IMIST) Online program in Indonesia. Samson Tiara will be the first to offer this online global safety training program in Indonesia.

Developed by global oil and gas training standards body OPITO International, IMIST brings for the first time a standardised level of basic safety training to an estimated 1.5million oil and gas workers worldwide. The training assesses basic safety knowledge in nine subject areas including risk assessment, asset integrity, the use of hazardous substances, working at height and mechanical lifting among other subjects.

IMIST, an interactive e-learning program available in multiple languages, works by assessing the safety knowledge of an oil and gas worker during a random sequence of assessment questions. Upon completion of this assessment, which is time-bound and conducted in a controlled and monitored environment, the program will automatically and dynamically assemble a unique course for each candidate based on knowledge gaps that are identified during the assessment. The candidate is then presented with this content and at the end is assessed again for their understanding of the material. This process is repeated until the candidate has achieved a 100% pass mark for the program.

“We are very pleased to be the first to bring OPITO IMIST Online to Indonesia and we see a huge potential in its use to improve the overall safety of the oil & gas work force in Indonesia. Its effectiveness has already been measurably seen overseas and its adoption rate internationally is increasing, we look forward to seeing this success replicated locally.”

Mr. Shawn Truesdell, Marketing Director for Samson Tiara

“We are delighted to see the adoption of IMIST Online in Indonesia. By gaining Atlas approval to deliver the course, workers using the Samson Tiara training centre will have their IMIST training accepted by employers all over the world. This is a significant step forward for the oil and gas workforce in Indonesia in terms of creating a safe, sustainable and profitable oil and gas industry for the country. It is also a major milestone in the adoption of a common industry standard for basic safety and competency in oil and gas around the world. The support which has been shown for this initiative is evident in the rapidly increasing footprint of training centre’s which now spans across all four corners of the globe and is testament to the industry’s desire to improve safety at all levels.”

Ian Noronha, Account Director for Atlas, Asia Pacific

IMIST is being rolled out across 30 countries worldwide throughout Asia, Africa and the North America over the next two years. It will be delivered via e-learning and tailored to meet each region’s specific workforce, language and geographic needs.

For further information please contact:
Shawn Truesdell, Marketing Director Samson Tiara
Kawasan Komersial Cilandak, The Garden Center #6-03,
Jl. Raya Cilandak KKO, Jakarta 12560, Indonesia
Phone: + 62 21 780 1388
Fax: + 62 21 780 1389

P.T. Samson Tiara is the leading provider of onshore and offshore safety and survival training services in the Indonesian market. From facilities in Cilegon & Senipah, P. T. Samson Tiara has been providing safety and emergency response training since 1994 and was the first to bring OPITO approved training to Indonesia.

Atlas provides innovative learning, compliance and competency solutions to organisations in the oil & gas and other safety-critical industries worldwide. Its technology-led solutions are used to deliver over 350,000 learning events across 40 countries and in more than 20 languages every year with the specific aim of helping the industry improve business performance while reducing legislative and operational risk through the creation of a safer, more highly skilled workforce. Atlas is OPITO’s chosen partner, delivering IMIST Online to the global oil and gas industry.

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