Samson Tiara Approved to Deliver PMIC-IR


On Friday May 5th 2017, PT Samson Tiara, in conjunction with Wild Geese Group, became the second training centre in the world to receive OPITO certification to teach the Plant Manager / Incident Commander Initial Response training course.

Members of the first PMIC-IR course in Cilegon.

Similar to the MEM-IR course for offshore operations, The OPITO PMIC-IR course is aimed at chemical plants, refineries, terminals, bulk storage, production and processing plants.

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Congratulations To Wild Geese Group For OPITO PMIC-IR Approvals

Samson Tiara would like to congratulate our training partners, Wild Geese Group, on their successful approval for the new OPITO Plant Manager Incident Commander Initial Response course. The successful audit between 20th and 22nd of March this year makes Wild Geese Group the first in the world to obtain approval for this course.

This new PMIC training standard provides underpinning knowledge and understanding of the key factors of preparing for, responding to and maintaining control throughout the development or escalation of an emergency situation. The delegates will learn how to manage communication, emergency-related information and put into place predetermined plans at the point when the emergency alarm has been raised, to the point when the Plant Manager is assured that the emergency is over. Delegates will also understand how stress can impact on individuals and team performances during emergencies.

Samson Tiara will be seeking approval for this course in the coming months and we looking forward to offering this course in the very near future.


PT Samson Tiara Wins The 2016 OPITO Approved Training Providers Award

The award presented to Samson Tiara for winning the OPITO Training Provider of the Year 2016.

Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia, 16 November, 2016, Samson Tiara, the leading safety and survival training provider in Indonesia has won the prestigious OPITO Approved Training Provider Of The Year Award at the 2016 Global OPITO conferece (OSCC – Opito Safety and Competency Conference) in Malaysia’s capital.

Samson Tiara has long been committed to ensuring the highest quality training for its clients and a cornerstone of this commitment is the skills and competency of its workforce. Samson Tiara recognises that a continuous staff development program is key to meeting this commitment and has devoted a great deal of resources to this, with over 60 staff having taken part in the staff development program in the past year. Continue reading “PT Samson Tiara Wins The 2016 OPITO Approved Training Providers Award”


PT. Samson Tiara Receive Approval From Altas for IMIST Online Training in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – Samson Tiara , the leading provider of safety training services in Indonesia, has announced today that it has received approval from Atlas , international learning and skills specialist, to provide the OPITO International Minimum Industry Safety Training (IMIST) Online program in Indonesia. Samson Tiara will be the first to offer this online global safety training program in Indonesia.

Developed by global oil and gas training standards body OPITO International, IMIST brings for the first time a standardised level of basic safety training to an estimated 1.5million oil and gas workers worldwide. The training assesses basic safety knowledge in nine subject areas including risk assessment, asset integrity, the use of hazardous substances, working at height and mechanical lifting among other subjects. Continue reading “PT. Samson Tiara Receive Approval From Altas for IMIST Online Training in Indonesia”


Flack Nutec and PT. Samson Tiara, Indonesia enters into strategic partnership

Falck Nutec , a global provider of safety and survival training, has acquired a minority shareholding in P.T. Samson Tiara , the leading provider of safety and training services in Indonesia.

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