PT Samson Tiara and BP3IP Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Maritime and Offshore Safety Training

Jakarta, [20/06/2024] — PT Samson Tiara, a leader in safety and survival training for the offshore oil and gas industry, is proud to announce a strategic cooperation agreement with BP3IP (Balai Besar Pendidikan Penyegaran Dan Peningkatan Ilmu Pelayaran), a premier Indonesian government institution specializing in maritime education and training. This collaboration aims to elevate the standards of training for seamen and offshore workers by leveraging the strengths of both organizations.

The agreement was officially signed by Mr. M. Murdiyanto, Director of BP3IP, and Mr. James Preston Truesdell, President Director of PT Samson Tiara. This landmark partnership will facilitate the sharing of training resources and expertise, ensuring comprehensive and high-quality training programs for both maritime and offshore oil and gas sectors.

Key Elements of the Agreement:

    • Training Integration: Both parties will collaborate to leverage their respective expertise and client bases to expand the reach and impact of their training programs. Notably, this agreement will enable PT Samson Tiara to offer a comprehensive range of STCW courses to its clients, enhancing the scope and quality of training available to the offshore oil and gas industry.
    • Collaborative Efforts: The partnership encompasses the methods, materials, implementation schedules, instructors, and procedures for conducting training programs. Where possible courses will be available in online, offline, and blended formats to accommodate various learning preferences and schedules.
    • Commitment to Excellence: This cooperation is designed to uphold the principles of Good Corporate Governance by maximizing value, improving performance and contribution, ensuring long-term sustainability, and producing competent and highly trained human resources.

 About BP3IP: BP3IP is a distinguished maritime education and training institution under the Indonesian Government. Renowned for its high-quality seafaring education services, BP3IP is dedicated to advancing the skills and knowledge of seamen in accordance with international and national standards.

 About PT Samson Tiara: Since 1994, PT Samson Tiara has been an innovator and leader in providing safety and survival training for the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as other sectors. The company offers a range of certified safety training programs designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries worldwide.

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