The Importance of Hearing Protection


The world in which we live is becoming an increasingly noisy one, particularly in developing countries where rapid population growth and heavy industrialisation is leading to an increase in daily noise levels. This increase in noise levels may seem to some as just an accepted part of life, but unfortunately these increases, particularly in the average working environment, can lead to lasting health issues.

According to the HCN (1999) and as cited by the WHO (2004), high levels of noise can have a number of impact on the health and general wellbeing of individuals with annoyance, hypertension and hearing loss being the effects most studied.

This article will focus primarily on hearing loss as caused by long term exposure to noise in the workplace, the impacts that hearing loss can have on daily life and the measures and equipment that can be employed to minimise its occurrence. Continue reading “The Importance of Hearing Protection”


What Do You Look for in a Training Provider?

When planning on engaging in safety training for the Oil & Gas industry, what factors do you consider?  Is it Location, Facilities, Quality, Experience, Price, Accreditation, or Safety? On their own, each of these factors has great merit, but when it comes to training they are, in fact, closely linked together. If we examine them in turn we will find that it is hard to have one without the other, especially those related in the Oil & Gas industry where safety is a very important aspect.

Safety should always be of paramount concern when selecting training, it may be cliché but you must always ensure there is the highest possible level of safety when participating in training. Depending on the type of training you are engaging in there will always be some level of risk, after all, you are being trained to work in hazardous environments and survive dangerous situations. While participating in training these dangers are much less than they may be in a real situation, and can be mitigated, but they do exist.

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