Stuck Pipe Prevention Training in Focus

Are we preventing incidents or reacting to them? In the ongoing battle for reducing stuck pipe events, a shift in focus is needed.

The Issue

With over thirty years of experience in supplying specialist training to the oil and gas industry, Aberdeen Drilling School has become accustomed to the changing needs of its clients. Training objectives move with the times, as should the training, but the requests for “stuck pipe prevention training including fishing techniques” remain a constant.

Statistics backed by conversations with our clients indicate that stuck pipe is by far the greatest cause of lost time during drilling operations.  Feedback from Operators suggests that the right type of training, focusing on the causes of stuck pipe and the importance communication can significantly reduce the incidence.  Industry professionals will agree that addressing the root cause of a problem is an effective long-term strategy for success. If we know this to be true, why then is the incidence of stuck pipe on the rise? Continue reading “Stuck Pipe Prevention Training in Focus”