Preparing for Success When Working & Learning Online

Preparing for Success When Working & Learning Online

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made many aspects of our lives more difficult in 2020, seriously disrupting almost all aspects of day-to-day life, business operations, transportation, tourism and even education. With much of the workforce required to work from home under a “new normal”, many questioned the ability to remain productive and achieve both business and personal goals. However, using the right tools, many businesses can not only maintain reasonable levels of productivity in their workforce, they can also come out on the other side of this crisis stronger and better equipped thanks to online education.

For years, there has been numerous free and paid online education services offered by numerous companies, institutes and universities. While there has been adequate use of these offerings to keep them going and improving over the years, they have primarily been used by those who are more comfortable with technology. Thanks to the rapid adaptation required due to COVID-19 restrictions, increasing numbers of people are moving to online educational offerings to hone existing skills or develop new ones. The growth in online education has been explosive over the past 6 months.

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Safety & Survival at Sea

Safety and Survival at Sea

Even in this modern age of aeroplanes and helicopters, we still rely heavily on the sea for transportation of goods. Cargo ships, oil tankers and fishing vessels still ply the waves around the world daily. Additionally, approximately 30% of the world’s oil supply comes from offshore exploration meaning a huge number of rigs, production platforms and support vessels are operating at sea.

As with any industry involving complex machinery and human interaction, accidents can, and frequently do, occur. In most instances, the root cause of casualties and incidents at sea occur due to the failure of machines, tools, systems or equipment, weather and human error. Mistakes made by workers and operators play a major role in maritime accidents, with complex investigations needed to unravel the chain of events leading to an incident. While an incident may be brief, it can leave lasting impacts, not just on the people involved, but also on the environment and ecosystem. Continue reading “Safety & Survival at Sea”


Safety & Survival in the Offshore Industry

Safety & Survival in the Offshore Industry

Working On Offshore Can Be Dangerous 

One of the most dangerous careers and hazardous professions both physically and mentally is working on an offshore oil and gas platform, because of the isolation, the extreme weather conditions, the location conditions and the operating of heavy machinery and equipment for hours at a time that can cause high risk of injuries and death. If something goes wrong on an offshore location, the results can be disastrous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in its report recommends that “employers should ensure that the most stringent applicable transportation safety guidelines are followed.”

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive – (HSE), several divisions are taken as the most dangerous offshore jobs where most accidents and injuries occur, such as:

      • Deck Operations: There were around 39 incidents recorded from 2012 to 2014
      • Management and Accommodation: There were 43 death from 2013 to 2015
      • Oil and Gas: There were 56 incidents in 2014
      • Maintenance and Construction: There were 76 recorded injuries in this sector from 2014 to 2015
      • Drilling and Production: From 2014 to 2015, 19 incidents were recorded offshore UK and there is no evidence that current drilling safety measures are protecting drill operators

In most of these divisions, the heavy machinery and the high speed of the equipment used are a constant source of potential hazard. Oil and gas leaks that have led to major explosions, as in the case of Piper Alpha and Deepwater Horizon, are particularly lethal and devastate the local marine environment.

Safety should always be the number one concern of both employers and employees when working offshore. When safety becomes a secondary thought, serious accidents, injuries and even death can occur.

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The Importance of Hand Safety

The human hands are an exceptional feat of engineering. Made up of complex interactions between bones, muscles and ligaments, they are our most important tools for interacting with the world around us. Our hands are in constant use, involved in almost every task we do on a daily basis, often without even thinking about it, making our hands very vulnerable to injury.

Even minor injuries to our hands can have a disproportionate impact when compared to minor injuries to another part of our body, because our hands are always in use. Consider a simple cut to the index finger vs a cut to your arm. Both will hurt, with a cut to the arm, you will bandage it and likely forget about it. A cut to the finger, however, will cause frequent discomfort as you carry out your tasks; Washing your hands, typing an email, preparing a meal, all basic things you do daily but you will be constantly reminded of the injury due to pain, discomfort or reduced mobility due to the wound.

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10 Tips Agar Dapur Aman Dari Kebakaran

Rumah Anda adalah tempat perlindungan Anda; di mana keluarga Anda tinggal, tempat Anda untuk melakukan banyak kegiatan dari hobi Anda dan mengistirahatkan tubuh dan jiwa Anda setelah bekerja sepanjang hari di kantor. Tetapi mungkin tempat perlindungan Anda ini tidak sepenuhnya aman. Salah satu risiko terbesar bagi keselamatan di rumah adalah terjadinya kebakaran dan hampir 60% kebakaran di rumah dimulai dari dapur. Api kecil dari lemak saat Anda memasak dapat menjadi besar dan membakar seluruh rumah Anda jika tidak ditangani dengan benar. Oleh karena itu, penting untuk memperhatikan bagaimana Anda mengelola dapur Anda. 10 buah tips disini dapat membantu Anda untuk tetap berada pada keadaan yang aman.

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10 Tips for a Fire Safe Kitchen

Your home is your sanctuary; it’s where your family is, where you carry out many of your hobbies and where you rest your body and soul after a long day at work. But while it may be a sanctuary, this does not mean it is completely safe. One of the biggest risks to safety in the home is fire and almost 60% of fires in the home begin in the kitchen. A simple grease fire while cooking can grow exponentially and engulf your entire home if not handled correctly. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how you carry out tasks in the kitchen and Samson Tiara is happy to share these 10 tips are here to help keep you safe.

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Apa yang Anda Cari di Penyedia Pelatihan?

Ketika berencana untuk terlibat dalam Pelatihan Keselamatan untuk Industri Minyak & Gas, faktor-faktor apakah yang Anda pertimbangkan? Apakah Lokasi, Fasilitas, Kualitas, Pengalaman, Harga, Akreditasi, atau Keselamatan? Masing-masing faktor ini memiliki manfaat yang besar secara terpisah, namun mereka semua sebenarnya terkait erat ketika datang ke pelatihan. Jika kita mempelajari semuanya, kita akan menemukan bahwa sulit untuk memiliki satu tanpa yang lain, terutama yang terkait dalam Industri Minyak & Gas, di mana keselamatan merupakan aspek yang sangat penting.

Keselamatan harus selalu menjadi perhatian utama ketika memilih pelatihan. Hal ini mungkin klise tetapi Anda harus selalu memastikan bahwa ada tingkat keselamatan tertinggi ketika berpartisipasi kedalam pelatihan. Akan selalu ada beberapa tingkat risiko, tergantung pada jenis pelatihan yang Anda lakukan. Bagaimanapun juga, Anda dilatih untuk bekerja di lingkungan yang berbahaya dan Anda harus selamat dari situasi berbahaya. Pada saat berpartisipasi dalam pelatihan, bahaya-bahaya ini tampak jauh lebih kecil daripada yang mungkin terjadi didalam situasi nyata dan dapat dikurangi, tetapi bahaya-bahaya ini memang ada.

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What Do You Look for in a Training Provider?

When planning on engaging in safety training for the Oil & Gas industry, what factors do you consider?  Is it Location, Facilities, Quality, Experience, Price, Accreditation, or Safety? On their own, each of these factors has great merit, but when it comes to training they are, in fact, closely linked together. If we examine them in turn we will find that it is hard to have one without the other, especially those related in the Oil & Gas industry where safety is a very important aspect.

Safety should always be of paramount concern when selecting training, it may be cliché but you must always ensure there is the highest possible level of safety when participating in training. Depending on the type of training you are engaging in there will always be some level of risk, after all, you are being trained to work in hazardous environments and survive dangerous situations. While participating in training these dangers are much less than they may be in a real situation, and can be mitigated, but they do exist.

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